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Layout Challenge #1

I took these rules from over @ sophia_etc. I just updated them to go with this community and my specifications more. and this is Ashley, your mod/underredlights, under her personal journal.

The member whose full layout set is chosen by the community as the favorite will win their choice of 2 months paid account or add on userpics. So if you are interested in submitting and winning the prize here's what you need to know..

What to Sumbit:
a. Header (600 x 300)
b. Info Banner (380 x 190)
c. Icon (100x100)

The header and info banner should have "oth_guys" somewhere on the graphic and possibly even a blurb about the community (i.g. One Tree Hill Guys, The Guys of One Tree Hill, etc.). The icon should say "oth-guys" on it.

When does it need to be submitted by?
Date is yet to be established. It will depend on how quickly we get entries. I'm thinking maybe around two weeks or so.

What pictures are to be used?
You choose the pictures! Anything from photoshoots to appearances to caps. You can choose to either have just one of the One Tree Hill guys or multiple. All I ask is if you have only one guy, make sure it's one that's been a regular (james lafferty, chad michael murray, paul johansson, barry corbin, lee norris, craig sheffer, antwon tanner). I would also prefer only guys that were on One Tree Hill on the header. You can check the tags for some options. You can also check these sites: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or anywhere else you want :)

After we have a few submitions the community will vote on their favorite set. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Comments will be screened.
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